blackjack goal

Consider the purpose of casino blackjack. Many Blackjack books define the goal as getting a hand as close as possible to 21. This is not entirely true. Your goal is to beat the dealer, and the study of this lesson is your first step on the road to becoming a blackjack winning player. It is possible to beat the dealer by holding a hand that is less than 21 distant, twelve or thirteen, for example. Remember that there are two ways to win, by holding a higher hand than the dealer, and not striking a breaking hand and not waiting for the dealer to break. This is a decision that many beginning players rarely take. Thinking they must always get as close as possible to 21,

Casino rules are defined to give the dealer a main advantage and a major disadvantage. Their advantage is that they always draw for the last time. If they break after you break, they have already collected your pieces, and they do not return them. therefore, with hands totaling twelve to sixteen, it is possible that the next card may break your dealer. You, the player, can take advantage of this handicap by making wise decisions about drawing or standing.

Many players lose because they hit too often. Other beginners, hoping unrealistically for the croupier to break, do not hit enough. These striking and holding decisions can not be taken by sensation – the logic must be used. If the dealer’s up-card is 2, 3, 4, or 5 you know they have to hit, no matter what the value of the hoof card is. Therefore, you would stand on a lower hand value, such as thirteen, and hope for the croupier to break. On the other hand, if the dealer has a high-up card, for example a 9 or 10, you would hit and try to get as close to 21 as possible because there is a good chance that the card the croupier’s hoof is also high, and with one hand sixteen larger than they should not draw. After taking your hit and making decisions, if you did not break, you wait for the dealer to deal with the other players and then to themselves; then your bet is paid off to equal money if you win, collected if you lose, or left alone if you tie.

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